Jimbo’s East Coast Summer C.R.A.P. Fest


So, here is the idea – a timed 1.6 mile trail loop. For your first time round, you get 37 minutes to complete the loop. After 37 minutes, you start lap 2 – this time you get 36 minutes. Third loop you get 35 minutes, then 34 minutes, and so on. If you miss the start of the next loop, then your race is over – hang out and watch the crazies continue! Last person running is the winner. 

Date: Saturday, August 9, 2014
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: B Everett Jordan Dam Sanford,NC 27559
Sign Up: UltraSignUp

Awards for:
First place male
First place female
Fastest lap
Slowest lap (without going over the time for that loop)
Random “Awesomeness” Awards

Post race celebrations will be somewhere close, and will not doubt involve “fluids” and is TBD!

This is a Fat Ass, and will be free to enter – however, like the Boxing Day Madness, I will collect donations, and any excess over costs will be donated to CARA (Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption) – Last year we donated $163 from this event.
May do t-shirts too, but probably need to be pre-paid for & will see if Jimbo will do a design for us.

Bring your own aid. I may supply bacon and chipotle chicken

2013 Facebook Event Page — Good for reading up on the event :-)


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