Boxing Day Madness 6 Hour WTF? LOL Fun Run!

Yep – it’s coming back. It will be on Boxing Day. It will be a 6 hour Fat Ass Fun Run on a 1 mile (ish) loop. Just one hill.

Yeah – I know it’s a work day for some. Take the day off. 

Yeah – I know you have the in-laws round for Christmas, blah blah blah. Don’t care. Leave them behind or bring them. They will have a great time either way (or not).

Plenty more details to follow – put it in your calendar, book a vacation day, tell the family not bother visiting you this year, etc etc.

Oranges and chipotle chicken will be available.  Please bring an offering for the community table for everyone to share.

Date: 12/26/2016
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Location: 1800 Wicker Street, Sanford, North Carolina

2011 – 45 Official Participants – Winner: CH Christopher 37.6 Miles
2012 – 23 Official Participants – Winner: Tim Preble 33.6 Miles
2013 – 25 Official Participants – Winner: Thomas Hurd 33.09 Miles
2014 – 45 Official Participants – Winner: Joe Miller 36.86 Miles
2015 – 59 Official Participants – Winner: Joe Miller 38.9 Miles


Jimbo Boxing Day Founder

A message from the Race Founder
It started off as a silly idea two or three years ago – a gathering of friends the day after Christmas, known as Boxing Day in some parts of the world. Run some, eat some, but above all, pure enjoyment of hanging out with like minded friends. Thank you Tim Preble for keeping my idea going. And long may the Madness of Boxing Day continue. Cheers Sanford, I enjoyed the pictures and I missed being out there with you yesterday!



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